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58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)

58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)

58mm filters will include an additional 52mm step ring, giving you both 58mm and 52mm mounting sizes with one purchase

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  • 58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)
  • 58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)
  • 58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)
  • 58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)
  • 58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)

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58mm CineMorph Filters (Flare/Streak)

Anamorphic lens looks, without using an Anamorphic lens!
Stray from the look of modern clinical SLR lenses! A subtle aesthetic that really stands apart from the crowd!
Why use the CineMorph vs a real anamorphic lens? The CineMorph simply creates an anamorphic look quickly and easily without all the hassles of a real anamorphic setup.
While we’re the 1st to admit there’s nothing quite like a real anamorphic lens, the CineMorph filter comes close and has fooled even the biggest anamorphic lens experts. And no need for complicated setups.
The CineMorph filters will NOT stretch or squeeze to create an anamorphic image. It keeps the image at 16:9 and you can crop in post at any ratio you choose to your liking!
It mimics the stylistic charm of anamorphic lenses such as flares, streaks, and vertically stretched waterfall bokeh; our most favorite characteristic!
It's very easy to use and allows you to very easily pull/rack focus on your compatible SLR lenses, unlike real anamorphic combinations. This is a HUGE bonus as shooting with real anamorphic attachments requires you to focus both the anamorphic lens and the SLR lens making run-n-gun filming pretty much impossible.
This filter is great for when you need those selective shots that require focus-pulling or rack focusing.
It is mounted on to a smooth rotating filter for easy alignment and assembled with sharp optical glass that won't dull the image. The CineMorph filters have the option to remove the glass completely if/when needed.
We recommend fast speed lenses (f0.95 to f2.8) and keeping the lenses wide open. The Flare/Streak Filters will not result in any light loss.
And just like a real Anamorphic attachment lens, these filters are meant for use on prime (non-zoom) SLR and or Cinema lenses, ideally with smaller front diameters. For cropped sensor cameras like the Canon 7D, Panasonic GH4, GH5, etc. we recommend using 45mm or tighter focal length lenses.
For use on full-frame cameras like the 5D, 6D, D810, D750 and Leica cameras we recommend 55mm or 58mm and tighter focal length lenses.
Our filters are stackable! All of our filter's back-end size matches the front-end size, so you can add Fader, Polarizer and or ND filters if / when needed.
Also, wide-Angle Converters stacked in front of the CineMorph will allow you to achieve a wider field of view if/when needed.
A few recommended camera and lens combinations for use with the CineMorph Anamorphic Looks Filters:
- For Crop sensor cameras (Canon t3i, 7D, Nikon D90, Sony NEX, Panasonic GH4, Black Magic Cameras, etc.) use a standard 50mm f1.8 lens or tighter focal length.
- For Full Frame sensor cameras (Canon 5D, 6D or Nikon D810, D750, etc.) use a fun and affordable Helios 58mm f2.0 lens or tighter focal length like an 85mm f2.0 lens. Also a lens like the Asahi 55mm f1.8 Takumar M42 mount lenses will also work on full frame cameras. Some 50mm (f0.95 to f2.0) lenses will work with the CineMorph filter on full frame cameras.
Converters for mounting older Russian, Japanese and Nikon lenses onto various cameras can be found easily and affordably on ebay, amazon and other camera shops. Look for M42 to EOS or Nikon to EOS converters when searching for the correct converter ring.
Some zoom lenses will work but they'll need to have smaller fronts. For example, the Canon 70mm-200mm lens on the Full Frame Canon 5D will NOT work with the CineMorph filter at ranges wider than approx 150mm because the front lens element is too large and can't shoot through the bokeh element in the filter.Also, as with real anamorphic lenses, the ideal SLR lenses to use are the older Canon, Nikon, M42 Mount (Russian or Japanese) lenses that have the smaller 49mm to 62mm front filter diameters. 50mm f1.8, 58mm f2, 85mm f2, 100mm f2.8, 135mm f2.8 have given some of the very best results.


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