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Cinevate Axis Jib

Cinevate Axis Jib

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  • Cinevate Axis Jib
  • Cinevate Axis Jib
  • Cinevate Axis Jib
  • Cinevate Axis Jib
  • Cinevate Axis Jib
  • Cinevate Axis Jib
  • Cinevate Axis Jib

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Axis Jib

Full product info:
The Axis Jib is the ideal tool for industry professionals looking for a jib they can rapidly deploy and operate in minutes. The single tube design not only eliminates pinch points during setup and use but also makes for an incredibly strong and rock-solid support. This stiffness lends to the Axis’ ability to comfortably hold 50 lbs, covering anything from the 5D Mk III all the way up to a fully-loaded Arri Alexa. Even with a heavy payload, the Jib’s movement is smooth and consistent. Furthermore, the Axis aids in repeatability with its pan and tilt dry-erase marker rings.
The Axis drops into any 100mm tripod while the front end accepts 100mm tripod heads. The Axis Jib’s 100mm bowl indexes at 90 degrees allowing you to mount your tripod head at various angles to gain unique perspectives. The center yoke of the unit holds the pan and tilt locks as well as a variety of cheese holes for accessory mounting. The back end of the Jib features a handle to accept common weight sizes as well as a 2 lb trim weight which easily slides along the Jib tube for fine-tuning of the balance. These time saving features, along with its maintenance free operation and use, make the Axis Jib a must have for any serious filmmaker.
- 4 ft arm, with 7ft vertical arc
- Supports up to 50 lbs
- Integrated 100mm bowl supports under-slung vertical and horizontal mounted     heads
- Locking pan and tilt
- Removable magnetic marker for repeatable movements
- Fully enclosed mechanical
- Integrated trim weight
- Silent operation

Titel: Cinevate Axis Jib


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