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Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm DEMO good

Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm DEMO good

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  • Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm DEMO Ware
  • Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm
  • Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm
  • Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm
  • Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm

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Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm

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What's better about Duzi 4

- Included on-board flywheel delivers fluid & consistent slides
- Available stow & go All Terrain Legs
- Increased Stability (25%)
- Available Duzi4 Moco motion control
- Compatible with Modo – Drive  timelapse system
- Load capacity of 100 lbs
- Increased Wheel Precision

Duzi 4: A Belief in Better.
A belief in better is a disbelief in the status quo. It's a distaste for the average, a faith in superiority, and a pledge in the pursuit of perfect. The Duzi 4 was forged in this belief. It is the embodiment of better, driven by filmmakers who refuse to accept good, and demand the best.
Get Onboard
Outboard Fly-Wheels are out. Get 'on-board' with Duzi's Fly-Wheel and learn the difference between smooth and smoother. Don't tolerate jerks. Even with the lightest rigs, the Duzi 4 holds a rock-steady jerk-free slide from start to finish.
Triumph Over All Terrain
The Duzi 4 stands on a foundation of firm - the 'original', Cinevate All Terrain Legs. From tip-toeing across glass tables to mashing in the mud, the All Terrain Legs take a stand.

The Bar Has Been Set, and It’s Solid Carbon Fiber
Duzi’s solid carbon rails haven’t set the standard in precision sliders, they’ve exceeded it. How did we do it? By sweating the small stuff. How small? We’re talking 0.001” small. Why bother? Because it would bother us if we didn’t.

A Lightweight Heavy Hitter
Facts: Duzi 4 is lightweight and strong. Duzi 4 does what other sliders can’t. It moves mountains of gear while delivering flawless footage.

Note that when center mounted on a tripod, the max capacity of Duzi will depend on the weight rating of your tripod.

- On-board Flywheel
- Lightweight & rigid, solid carbon rails
- Load capacity (100 lbs)
- Micro adjustable rollers increase precision of slides
- Center mounted ball feet to increase strength and stability
- Integrated Bumpers on End Blocks
- Integrated bubble level
- Crafted from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel
- Compact 24 and 32 inch lengths
- 8 precision roller bearings
- Center and side mounting tripod options
- Micro adjusting urethane ball feet
- Brake easily secures camera anywhere on the rails
- Cheesed-out top and bottom plate
- Compatible with Moco Duzi4 motion control
- Compatible with Modo – Drive timelapse system

Titel: Duzi V4 Camera Slider 80cm DEMO good
Number of packs: 1
Weight package 1:: 4,00
EAN: 088364180316


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