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52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter

52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter

58mm filters will include an additional 52mm step ring, giving you both 58mm and 52mm mounting sizes with one purchase.

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  • 52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter
  • 52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter
  • 52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter
  • 52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter
  • 52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter

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52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter

Add a little Flare to your videos and photos! Anamorphic lens looks, without using an Anamorphic lens!
Our filters create a little charm and charisma. A subtle aesthetic that really stands apart from the crowd!
Stray from the clinical look that modern day spherical SLR lenses give. Our filters give your new and old lenses a little more charm and charisma!
Assembled onto a round rotating filter frame, the Flare/Streak Filter is similar to the CineMorph Anamorphic Looks Filter, but without the Oval Bokeh Shaper Element, making it much more compatible with many cameras and a wider range of lenses as well as no light loss.
Often asked if we could come up with a filter using only the flare element from the CineMorph filter, we set out to deliver this.  Getting just the right flare is not as easy as it sounds. After a long period of experimenting with various materials and assembly methods, we were able to come up with a new filter that does not have the anamorphic oblong oval bokeh element and without all the other limitations that come with the CineMorph filter.
It's a simple and easy to use streak-flare filter that can mount to virtually any camera lens and any focal length.
It uses a high quality rotating filter frame and glass so that it won't dull or degrade the image.

Titel: 52/58mm Flare/Streak Filter


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