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Light stand SP190

Light stand SP190

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  • Lichtstativ SP190

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Light stand SP190

Light stands have to be stable and easy to set up. Especially light tripods. We´ve tested and we´ve chosen for this model.

The light stand SP190 is easy to set up, in the height it is till 6,23 foot extensile, the weight is approx 1,1 lbs and resilient to 5,51 lbs. The light stand is made of aluminum and is suitable for the reception of lamps such as FloLight: LED 512, LED 1024, FL-110, FB-110, FL-220 & FB-220. It can be practically folded for transport.

- Max. altitude: 6,23 foot
- Min. altitude: 2,95 foot
- Net. Weight: 1,14 lbs
- Max. load: 5,51 lbs
- Transport size: 2,36 foot

Titel: Light stand SP190


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