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HT100 Voice Translator

HT100 Voice Translator

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  • HT100 Voice Translator

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  • Real-time instant translation: Supports WIFI connection, supports translation in 45 languages, the translation accuracy rate is 99%. Powerful language translation function, covering 191 countries and regions around the world.
  • 4 offline languages: With 4 system languages, you don't have to worry about the lack of network, you can use the device for language translation anytime and anywhere. The 4 offline languages include: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean.
  • Lot chat translation: Support multi-person multi-national language groups to chat, you can invite other users to use the smart business traveler Al translation machine. Cross-regional and cross-language communication to meet the needs of multi-person grading, can support 500 people in the same group communication.
  • Dialog translation: face-to-face communication, easy translation, easy to switch language type, HD noise reduction, built-in YNMT neural network translation engine, more accurate translation results, smoother translation order.
  • Recording and quick translation: Recording memo, but also transfer text, custom language, support 60 minutes of continuous recording, 8GB mass storage space.


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